What if you didn’t have to suffer for your art?

Welcome to Creathology. An eight-week one-on-one course, designed to transform your creative process forever.

Creating is the best and worst thing you know.

You love how it makes you feel. You hate how it makes you feel.

On a good day you’re on top of the world! On a bad day, you feel empty and worthless. Creating comes with unique challenges and the roller coaster of the creative process affects every part of your life.

But what if the place where you went to create wasn’t a painful one?

Creathology is here to help.

Through intimate one-on-one sessions and practical exercises, we will rekindle your relationship with your creative self. Instead of feeling stuck, you will feel free. Instead of self-hating, you will start creating. Instead of fearing the creative process, you will start enjoying it.


I would definitely recommend this course. Everyone I know who works expressively would be helped by a moment in the sun!

M.H. Artist

I am completely amazed and thankful for the eight weeks spent together. Diane made me think from new perspectives, she tailored solutions for me and shared powerful tools. To have the chance to interact with her weekly is just awesome!

Ilana Eleá. Phd., writer and poet

So much can happen in this course that you will be surprised. I am surprised. I am thankful.

S.S. Writing first novel

This course saved my life (….) it made me a better writer, but also a better parent, and a better friend. It helped me create boundaries around my work, in order to better enjoy life outside of work. Diane is a remarkable coach and I can't recommend this course enough.

Y.B. Writer

Diane does a fantastic job in keeping a firm focus on kindness and a gentle tone, creating security and trust. In her own role but also in her ability to make me hear how I speak to myself.

Simon C. Film editor

It’s clear that she’s speaking from experience, she’s very well-read and knowledgeable in her field. A credible guide.

A.F. Playwright

I'm Diane.

I specialize in helping artists who suffer from negative self-talk and criticism create a loving relationship with their creativity.

For the past 15 years, I’ve worked with creative people as a therapist, creativity coach, and drama teacher. What I’ve realized while guiding people who struggle in their artistic processes is that to create lasting change we must first heal our relationship with our creative selves.

I'm here to accompany you through the process so that you can get out of your own way and start creating again.


Creathology is an invitation to create with care

Whether you’ve been working creatively for a long time or have been dreaming about giving your creativity more space in your life, Creathology will help you:

Invite joy and pleasure back into your process.
Replace the self-hating, self-doubting voices for loving and encouraging ones.
Create a structure that holds you every day.
Address the doubts and fears that keep you from expressing who you are.

Creathology is here to help.

Creathology will reshape the way you interact with your creativity forever. Creathology will enable you to create your most authentic work.