Creathology - caring for your superpower!

Creating is about going places you’ve never been and exploring the unknown. You need to endure a great deal of uncertainty. It takes time and effort, and some of what you’ll find may hurt. Most of the time what you’ll come out with won’t please you. But you keep going back in. That’s what makes you an artist. And self-doubt is a natural part of that process.

Your sensitivity is what makes you great.

But when that inquisitive mind turns on itself and becomes critical and judgmental it can stop you from even attempting to explore. Creating may feel like going into a dark ally waiting for vicious voices to attack you. You’re not sure how much longer you can keep going in there but you don’t know any other way.

Your creativity is your superpower!

Now is the time to start caring for it! Creathology is a method with the specific goal of establishing a kind, nurturing, supportive and exciting relationship with your creativity. As I guide you through the course, you will develop tools that you can use for the rest of your life. It will give you a chance to reconnect to your creativity and change how you relate to your art, your life, and your self.


So how does it work?

Each week you’ll do exercises focusing on deepening your understanding of your process and question some of your core beliefs.

We’ll also meet online for an hour a week to delve deep into your specific needs and challenges so that I can give you strategies to work through them. I will be with you every step of the way into this new relationship.

What we’ll explore in our eight weeks together:

Every week you will get a set of exercises based on a theme. Each week’s work builds on the previous one.


The first week is all about finding out where you are today. What are you holding on to emotionally, physically, and in terms of belief patterns that is keeping you from creating your best and most authentic work?

Week 2 TRUTH

Looking at your life with honesty we’ll work through and let go of old pains and disappointments related to your creativity. Making space for a new relationship.


We focus on getting clear about the direction you want for your creative life. We formulate clear and honest goals that are meaningful to you. Then we create a road map that includes time to stop and take in the view as you go along.

Week 4 FEAR

This is where all those voices get to speak. We meet them with open arms while teaching you how to access a curious and compassionate voice as an alternative to the critical one. This will make sitting down to do your work (and the rest of your life) so much more pleasurable.


We establish a structure and boundaries to hold and nurture your time and finances. So that you can feel that you’ve finished your work when you close your computer or put away your paintbrushes at the end of the day.


Is about helping you uncover your bigger purpose and then finding ways to incorporate the essence of that as part of a daily ritual. This will give your everyday work meaning and create a sense of connection.


You will design your own toolbox based on everything you’ve learned. You will practice creating using those tools so that you can continue to use our work even after it’s over.


We end in pleasure and celebration. We invite more of what is easy and playful to your process creating the conditions to dive deep (and then come back to pleasure) in your work. We CELEBRATE you and your creative power.

These exercises are powerful on their own and in our sessions together we will go even deeper. This is where I will tailor the course more specifically to your needs.

The content of the course is personalized based on what comes up for you in the exercises and the magic that happens between us.


Diane is such a grounded professional, so open to listening and interacting with my views, narratives, fears and dreams. She is so careful and caring, so interested and involved with my issues and so bright and clear and firm.

J.N. Writer

I have been publishing books for almost twenty years and I always thought that the creative process had to be painful in order to be “real”. This course helped me change my relationship to my creativity, it made me rediscover why I fell in love with writing in the first place.

Y.B. Writer

I went from procrastination to daily meetings with my artistic expression. From fear to self satisfaction. From complaining about the lack of space at home for writing in peace to creating a room of my own: our little extra toilet became my own fantastic “red bathroom”, a place I decorated and where I now write my erotic novels. From uncertainty to courage. I am an artist.

Ilana Eleá. Phd., writer and poet

I would describe this course as an eight-week tutorial in mediating internal strife. A chance to exchange demands for encouragement. It was an awakening.

Adam. Musician

I am enthusiastic and calm with the version of myself that was hidden, a bit shy to glow. Diane invited me to bring her out in a holistic way that is so rewarding.

N.P. Singer-songwriter


But wait, isn’t creativity about being true to your inner voice? Can you really teach someone to be creative?
Well you can and you can’t. This course will not teach you how to write your book. It will not dictate how you should construct your performance or compose your symphony. What it will do is to build the foundation for your creative explorations. It will give you a number of vital tools that will help you to connect to the inner source that made you dream of a creative life in the first place.
How much time will I need to put into it?
The course is focused on your insights leading to action and new habits in your creative process so it’s great to combine with whatever you’re currently working on. Expect to spend approximately 1-2 hours/week on work in addition to our conversations.
Can I get a refund?
There are no refunds as we’re doing one-on-one work. A lot of the time this means uncomfortable things will rise to the surface for us to look at and it may take some time to work through patterns and behaviors that you’ve had for years. If for some reason you’re not feeling satisfied please let me know as soon as possible so that we can make the necessary adjustments together. We can book a free consultation for you to ask any questions you may have and to get a feeling for if I’m the right person for you.
It says you’re a therapist - is this therapy?
No, this is not therapy. On this journey, I will be your artistic mentor. I don’t treat or address mental health issues in this course so if that’s something you need help with please prioritize seeking professional help before starting this work.
How often will we meet?
There are eight modules to the course. We can meet every week or every other week.
How will we meet?
We will meet on Zoom.
Got more questions?
Anything else you’re curious about? Please let me know! Email me at with any questions you may have. If you think this may be the course you’ve been longing for, send me an email, and we’ll schedule your free 20 minute online discovery call.